Napoleon Hill's Greatest Speeches

Along with other never before published material, this volume includes the speech that inspired the worldwide bestseller Think and Grow Rich. It is a revealing look at one man’s quest for understanding why some men succeed, why others do not, and what makes success something that can be replicated.


W. Clement Stone's Believe and Achieve: 17 Principles of Success

Do you want to bring your dreams into reality? You can if you want to by following the principles in this guide. Remember, you have unlimited potential power. Convert it into actual power and USE IT!

Become successful and stay that way when you Believe and Achieve!


Napoleon Hill's Keys to Personal Achievement

Can you state, right now, what it is that you want out of life? Fixing your goals may not be easy. It may even involve some painful self-examination. But it will be worth whatever effort it costs, because as soon as you can name your goal, you can expect to enjoy many advantages.


The Power of Making Miracles: Supercharge Your Mind and Rejuvenate Your Health 

Overcome life’s obstacles by changing your self-talk, make sound health a daily miracle, learn to dispel the gloom and doom of depression for a positive mental attitude, and incorporate this process fully into your own life so that you can begin to touch the lives of those you love.


Success with People: Your Action Plan for Prosperity and Success 

Learn the proper steps in managing people and how to make them respond to your wishes. One of the important lessons in life is discovering how to sell yourself to others, and get them to help you in anything you may want to attempt.


A Treasury of Success Unlimited

A collection of dozens of the best articles from W. Clement Stone, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Og Mandino, Napoleon Hill, Ben Sweetland and many other leaders and achievers to share their wisdom and their stories so that you, too, may enjoy success unlimited!


Wisdom for Winners: A Millionaire Mindset 

Contains a unique combination of guidance for the career professional and the entrepreneur combined with spiritual wisdom that prompts self-reflection. Organized into small sections, the material can be read incrementally for greater impact.