The Power of a YES! Attitude by Jennifer Janechek

There is no shortage of articles about the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. That’s because we know how much it benefits our work life and our home life, our emotional health and our physical health. The new edition of Jeffrey Gitomer’s popular Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude shows us how we can take positivity to the next level by cultivating what he calls a YES! AttitudeTM.

What is a YES! Attitude, and how does it differ from a positive attitude? According to Gitomer, a YES! Attitude:

assumes that everything you say and do will start with “YES!” even when it’s “No.” …A YES! Attitude is more declarative. It tells people—in a word—that their expectation will be met and that your answer to whatever they want or need will be “YES!” or in a positive format.

Gitomer explains how YES! is not just a response; it is a state of mind. And what makes it even more transformative than a positive attitude is that it gives you a concrete visualization of success. As Gitomer writes, “YES! is an experience you’ve had many times.” In other words, you know what it’s like to win at something, to enjoy the feeling of having achieved something important to you. When you recall these moments and apply the certainty of success you had then to your future endeavors, you are more likely to actualize your dreams.

So how might you bring a YES! Attitude into your life today?

  1. Use self-discipline to train yourself to think with a YES! Attitude. Spend time every day reading personal development books that encourage positive thinking. Sound Wisdom regularly publishes books that will help you revolutionize your thinking and your way of being in the world so that you can write your own success story. See for a complete list of titles.
  2. Keep a daily journal that tracks your progress on your goals, allows you to reflect on your successes, and provides space for positive self-talk and the expression of gratitude.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people as much as possible. Negative energy can greatly detract from your ability to maintain a YES! Attitude.
  4. Smile and take pride in your personal appearance, in your work, and in every other aspect of your life. If you feel better on the outside, you’ll start to feel better on the inside. A YES! Attitude comes from the inside, but sometimes it takes positive external changes to motivate us to make the necessary internal changes.
  5. Champion other people. Being kind, operating with an attitude of thankfulness, and saying good things about other people will make others feel better about themselves, which will make you feel better about yourself.

For more advice on how to develop a YES! Attitude, check out the new edition (updated and revised) of Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude, available on Amazon and other major retailers in January 2018, and visit