How You Can Let Go to Move Forward by Simon T. Bailey

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The beginning of the year is a prime time to take inventory of what is working and what is not working in your life. Letting go of what is not working (and some of what IS working!) positions you to start 2018 in a place of growth and forward momentum.

But letting go is hard. Where should you start?

  1. Recognize the signs. I encourage you to read a book by Dr. Henry Cloud titled Necessary Endings. If you don’t have time to read it, grab the audiobook and listen to it in the car. Dr. Cloud introduces the idea of pruning back to grow forward. There are countless examples and anecdotal stories illustrating what it looks like and feels like to let go in your life and in your career.

  2. Make a plan. Take a good hard look in the mirror. Odds are, you already know deep down inside what you need to let go of. Toxic relationships, a stale role you’ve been in at work, habits, employees…there are any number of things we hang onto out of fear, comfort, or uncertainty. Identify what’s contributing to you getting in your own way.

  3. Set up support. Letting go can be tough. It may mean separating ourselves from people, things, or situations that are no longer serving us but that we are emotionally attached to. Decide how you will move yourself through this process. Will you journal, lean into a good friendship, plan more time for self-care, or see a therapist?

You may not be ready to let go right here, right now. Even if it takes you a year to move through these steps, do not let what you need to let go of prevent you from growing forward into what you could be.

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The original post appeared here on Simon T. Bailey’s website and has been slightly modified for republication. For more inspiration from the author, pick up a copy of his books Shift Your Brilliance: Harnessing the Power of You, Inc. and Brilliant Living: 31 Insights to Creating an Awesome Life.