Grow Your Home-Based Business with Help from the Power Habits® System by Noah St. John

Do you want a successful home-based business? 

Having a successful home-based business means you have the FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want…and also have the LIFESTYLE you desire…along with the EXPERIENCE of knowing you’re making great money while making a difference. 

Stalking the Elephant by Jim Stovall

Many people would claim to believe that anything is possible, but when it comes to their own life, career, and success, they don’t believe everything is possible.  

The concept of anything being possible is random and ethereal. It includes ideas such as “I might win the lottery,” “We might get hit by a meteor,” or “If I’m lucky, I could get the perfect job and meet Mr. or Miss Right.” In these examples, believing in anything being possible assumes that the outcome is not within our control but it’s possible. On the other hand, when we believe that we control our destiny and our fate is in our own hands, we understand that everything is open to us based on the choices we make and how hard we want to work.