Grow Your Home-Based Business with Help from the Power Habits® System by Noah St. John

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Do you want a successful home-based business? 

Having a successful home-based business means you have the FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want…and also have the LIFESTYLE you desire…along with the EXPERIENCE of knowing you’re making great money while making a difference. 

Would you like me to give you the exact framework that has empowered my clients to find a way to add over $2 BILLION dollars in sales? 

In less than 90 days from now, you could be living a richer, happier life…with more success in your business and personal life…while working LESS than you are now. 

How do I know? Because those who follow my Power Habits® System regularly double their income while working less…sometimes in just a matter of weeks! 

For example, Ray Higdon, who has a successful career in network marketing, reflected after employing my Power Habits® System, “I made my annual income in just 44 days!” 

Prem Jantarapet came to the United States from Thailand with just $18 in her pocket and didn’t speak any English. She wanted to start a home-based business. She learned the Power Habits® System through my Freedom Lifestyle Experience workshop and now makes over $10,000 each month. 

One of the key strategies for creating a successful home-based business is getting rid of your head trash. Head trash is what keeps some entrepreneurs from growing their business. It’s formed from unconscious beliefs that hold you back by producing unproductive and unhealthy behaviors. Have you been missing out on potential customers because you’ve been prey to either fear or procrastination? Have you lost clients to someone else because you didn’t believe in yourself enough? Are people regularly passing up your offers? Head trash is likely the culprit in all these scenarios.  

In order to get rid of your head trash, you need to change your subconscious beliefs. So many people get it wrong by focusing on the external behaviors, but those will only change once your beliefs do. Using my Afformations® Method, one of the components of the Power Habits® System, can help you combat self-defeating beliefs that drive your actions. 

First, identify the habit you want to change. For example: “I want to reach out to more potential clients.” 

Next, FORM what you want into an empowering question that assumes that what you want already happened or is already true. So for this example, you might ask yourself the following: 

Why is it so easy to reach out to potential clients? 

Why are so many people interested in learning more about my business? 

Afformations® are significantly more powerful than affirmations because statements alone do not change your deeply held self-limiting beliefs. If you state, “I am good at reaching out to potential clients,” your brain will likely respond with more head trash like “Hah. No you’re not.” But when you Afform® the same idea and ask yourself about the positive result you envision, your brain is forced to provide a positive argument for your success, which, in turn, alters your belief system in an authentic and profound way. 

Third, you must give yourself to the question. Read your Afformations®, write them, say them out loud, and listen to them—daily, even hourly. Using all four modes of human communication will enable you to change your subconscious thought patterns that have been limiting the success of your home-based business. 

Finally, take new actions based on your new assumptions about life. Right now, you are making hundreds, perhaps thousands, of unconscious assumptions about life and your relationship to it. These assumptions form the basis of how you go through life—positively or negatively, confidently or hesitantly, from love or from fear. However, the problem is that we usually don’t recognize our own unconscious assumptions. 

For example, if you hold the assumption that “Things never work out for me,” your actions will be hesitant, your posture will be one of defeat, and you will tend to give up at the first sign of resistance or rejection. But if one of your assumptions is “Things always work out for the best for me,” your actions will tend to be confident, your posture will be self-assured, and you will persist even in the face of temporary failure. Which means that no matter what you assume, you always make yourself right. To continue our example, act on the assumption that “People are interested in learning more about the products or opportunities offered by my home-based business” by reaching out to them without fear or hesitation.   

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