The Lost Commandments

By sam silverstein


the lost commandments

Is it possible that we have been trying to live our life to the fullest without having all of the spiritual teachings and beliefs that we need? What if you were given a scroll that contained the 10 precious, but lost, additional commandments that we were intended to live by? Would you live them personally? Would you keep them to yourself? Would you share them?
From the beginning of time, we have had sets of beliefs and teachings to help us live our life purposefully and be successful in our endeavors. These have come to us in various forms—from the Torah and the Bible to speeches like Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech.
Effectively living these spiritual beliefs and teachings will lead to greater happiness, success, fulfillment, achievement of our goals and personal growth. But, what would happen if we only had half of what we needed? What if parts of these teachings were lost through time? Could we fill in the blanks? Could we achieve happiness, success and fulfillment? Could we do it “right?”
In this bold, exciting adventure, Sam Silverstein take you on a journey to uncover that, in fact, some of our spiritual beliefs and teachings have been missing. They have been lost!
It is time to find this lost wisdom, to study it and to embrace it. Discover the lost commandments for yourself and apply them to your life. What will your life be like when you find what has been lost and you put it into action?


sam silverstein

Sam Silverstein is founder and CEO of Sam Silverstein Incorporated, an accountability think tank dedicated to helping companies create an organizational culture that prioritizes and inspires accountability. Mr. Silverstein is the author of several books including, Non-Negotiable, No More Excuses and Making Accountable Decision. He consults and speaks internationally having worked with teams at companies, government agencies, communities and organizations both big and small.