The Field Guide to Extraordinary Communication and Connection

By Rachael Doyle

The Field guide to extraordinary communication and connection

Communication and connection are the key elements for achieving success professionally and personally. Do you know people who in any situation can connect with people? People who seem to always know what to say and how to say it? People who have the extraordinary knack for always knowing what to do in any situation? Would you like to be more like these people? Then this book is for you!

In The Field Guide to Extraordinary Communication and Connection, business owner and entrepreneur Rachael Doyle shares the inside secrets of being an extraordinary communicator and connecting with people in a meaningful way.

In this useful handbook, you will learn new tools and tactics for:

  • Making a positive impression during one on one in person communication

  • Connecting with others at business meals and knowing exactly how to leverage the opportunity

  • Successful holiday, birthdays and other celebrations at work

  • Connecting and networking with people online

  • Communicating with confidence and clarity via email

  • Being a superb communicator using the phone

  • Communication and connection in business meetings

  • Networking for maximum impact personally and professionally

  • Fostering and developing great teamwork

And much more! 

Make the connection now with people at work and in your world! Communication and connection are based on skills that, once learned, can make a huge difference in your career and personal life. Be the extraordinary communicator and connector you want to be today!


rachael doyle

Rachael Doyle was born into a family that has had multiple generations of successful entrepreneurs. In her early teens she worked in the family business in several roles. In her late twenties, she was the co-founder and built a successful photography business in Michigan for several years with a partner. Racheal has worked in her own business or for other businesses for over three decades and has learned many valuable lessons from her experience.