Stop Depriving the World of You

By Darlene M. Corbett

STop Depriving the world of you

Do you believe everyone is capable of getting “unstuck?” Do you recognize your own uniqueness? Do you wonder if you have abilities which may lie deep within? If you do not, once you read this stimulating book, you will be convinced otherwise. 

Stop Depriving The World Of You simply and creatively provides exercises for you to begin the journey of self-discovery. Soon you will come in contact with your own unique talents and gifts. In addition, the D.R.E.A.M. technique will help you delve deeper into your inner being and explore unchartered territories.  By using the tools offered in this book, you will be pleasantly surprised what you might uncover.  

With thirty years of experience, Darlene Corbett has not only helped people “refurbish their home but has assisted them in rebuilding the foundation.”  You will find her enthusiasm and belief in the possibilities to be infectious. By reading this book, you are not only opening yourself to a new way of thinking but creating pathways toward change and fulfillment you may never have thought possible. Stop Depriving The World Of You is a must read!


darlene m. corbett

Darlene Corbett is a Professional Speaker, Author, and Success Coach. She has been in the people buisness for over thirty years and fervently believes everyone is capable of getting”Unstuck.” Darlene lives in central Massachusetts with her husband and their enchanting Shih Tzus, Winston and Churchill. They are the true masters of the house and dazzle anyone whom they encounter. This is Darlene’s first book, and she looks forward to completing her next.