Sales in a New York Minute

By Jennifer Gluckow

Sales in a new york minute

You’ve heard the term “…in a New York minute,” and you have your own ideas of what it means. Jennifer Gluckow defines it as “fast, clear, direct, and successful.” That’s the way of New York, and it’s the way sales are made (or lost) in New York City, and everywhere else on the planet.

Jennifer Gluckow’s concepts and strategies for selling follow the timeless New York City line, “If you can make it there you can make it anywhere,” transitioned to, “If you can make the sale there, you can make the sale anywhere.”

212 is a sales nuance – it’s the boiling point, the tipping point, and the emotional point. It’s the NYC area code, and it’s the number of mastery ideas and strategies in Jennifer’s book that will bring salespeople success. Whether you’re a sales newbie or a sales master, Jennifer’s 212 New York minutes will bring your sales and your customers to the buying point.

From attracting customers online and face-to-face, to helping secure lifelong relationships, referrals and reorders, by building trust over time, minute by minute; to ensuring profitable sales and customer loyalty, you will learn 212 strategies that when put into practice, will make your sales and success soar.

Jennifer Gluckow has mastered what it takes to “make it” in New York, and her book, Sales in a New York Minute, will teach you how to make sales anywhere.


Jennifer Gluckow

Jennifer Gluckow has northeastern smarts, New York City savvy, and southern charm–a rare combination that has her positioned as the next big thing in sales. Okay, she’s not ALL New York. She’s traveled the world, educated in the Midwest, and spoken to audiences from coast to coast.

She grew up in a successful book manufacturing family business run by her mother and father. Their dinner table conversations were an MBA real-world business education years before Jennifer graduated from the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis.

Jennifer rapidly rose through the ranks of a leading Fortune 500 company as a superstar Salesperson, National Sales Manager, and second-in-command of Sales. At 29, Jennifer became Chief Operating Officer of a test preparation and admissions counseling company.

In 2013 Jennifer found her calling–speaking to sales teams and business owners on how to increase their sales and make more profit. She founded Sales in a New York Minute and shares her passion and strategies for success with salespeople and businesses worldwide in her new book by the same name.

Her body of work includes Jen’s Top Ten for Sales Zen, 57 Varieties of the Best Networking Opportunities and What To Do When You Get There, and hundreds of articles on sales and personal development.

Jennifer’s a speaker, trainer, writer, blogger, Facebooker, Instagrammer, Tweeter, and YouTuber. She is online and on the money. Her trademarked advice YouTube channel, Sales in a New York Minute, features short sales and life tips, and are positioned to take Jennifer both global and viral. Drive, persistence, and winning through a desire to serve, have made Jennifer Gluckow an example of how to “make it” in New York, and her mission is to teach you how to make it anywhere.