Put More Time on Your Side

By jan yager


put more time on your side


In Put More Time on Your Side: How to Manage Your Life in a Digital World, sociologist, business, and relationship expert Dr. Jan Yager helps you to become more efficient in a work world that is more demanding and 24/7 than ever before.
In this concise and provocative book, you will learn:

  • The #1 factor you can control to revolutionize your time management.
  • How to deal with distractions and fragmentation.
  • Coping with time wasters like over-scheduling, inadequate pacing, poor planning, procrastination, or perfection.
  • How to master office relationships and politics to save time.
  • Cultural considerations

And lots more.


jan yager

Jan Yager, PhD, president of Timemasters.com, sociologist, speaker, entrepreneur, and coach, is the author of 38 books, translated into 32 languages, including more than a dozen business books on time management, the office, work relationships, business writing, and expanding globally. For more on this award-winning author, go to drjanyager.com.