Five P's to a Wow Business Leadership Manual & Program Guide

By Bill Matthews

Five P's to a wow business Leadership Manual & Program Guide

The Five P’s to a WOW! Business Leadership Manual and Program Guide offers a comprehensive overview of the Five P System of Professional Management, a proactive system of management best practices used globally by some of the world’s largest sales and management training companys. The Five P System includes instruction in five areas—planning, people, processes, “performetrics,” and passion—to help your business truly excel. Author Bill Matthews draws on his experience as a high-level executive in a Fortune 500 company and his consulting work with hundreds of privately held businesses to teach important guiding principles that can result in incredible returns and growth in your company.

This spiral-bound manual is the perfect tool for business consultants, business owners, managers, leadership experts, and anyone else looking to get the most out of the Five P System of Professional Management. It fosters meaningful engagement with the management program by offering advice on how best to implement the program’s components and by providing exercises, forms, and examples that will enable you to tailor the program to fit your business’s unique needs. Along with written introductions to the Business Assessment Survey, the WOW! Racetrack Model, and each of the program modules that give you concrete, step-by-step guidance on how to tackle each step along the path to a “WOW!” business, you’ll find tools to help you:

  • Create, refine, and communicate your organizational vision, mission, beliefs, and values

  • Build and maintain your organizational structure

  • Refine operations and action plans by studying the external environment and conducting SWOT analyses

  • Recruit, hire, and retain first-class talent

  • Better allocate resources for employee development

  • Empower your employees and enhance accountability by more clearly articulating job descriptions and establishing individualized metrics for evaluation

  • Improve the functioning of your business by forming an outside board of advisors

  • Increase cash flow

  • And grow your business

Used in conjunction with the Five P’s to a WOW! Business book, this leader’s manual and program guide will enable you to reap the full benefits of the Five P System of Professional Management and put your business or your client’s business on the fast track to WOW! status.


bill matthews

After spending a few years as a teacher and football coach, Bill Matthews completed graduate school and entered the business world where he gained a wide range of experience, including stints as an executive and corporate officer for a Fortune 500 company, and president of a privately-held regional financial services business.

After the company was purchased by a publicly-traded corporation, he focused his attention on his passion, advising the owners of privately-held businesses. In 1996, Bill helped create The Center for Entrepreneurial Education, now known as Aileron, a not-for-profit organization that has provided educational and advisory services to thousands of companies from its campus near Dayton, Ohio. 

Spanning three decades, Bill has worked closely with business leaders to assist them with professional management, strategic planning, and the establishment of outside boards, and has served on many boards himself. He has also authored numerous articles, and two other books, Don't Step in the Entremanure, and Seven T's to a Lasting Legacy.

Through licensing arrangements, many of the best practices described in Bill s books, and in the associated toolkits, are now being used in publications and programs offered through Sandler Training in hundreds of locations worldwide. 

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