Choose Your Perspective

By John Martin

Choose Your Perspective

"A terrific resource for freeing your mind to create and produce!" -D.G. Wild


Overthink and procrastinate?
Hold onto regrets about the past?
See the negative side first?
Worry about what others think?
Want to be more creative and productive?
Want to be more patient with yourself and others?

In his latest book, author John Martin offers an up-close, powerful exploration of how your perspective influences your success. Choose Your Perspective is an instructive system for revealing the unique nature of your thoughts and unlocking the proven truth about using intentional thinking to:

  • Leave the past behind

  • Create mental habits that enhance a positive perspective

  • See opportunity in chaos

  • Develop an active awareness of your thinking

  • Free your mind from the criticism of others

  • Overcome distraction

  • And much more!


john martin

John Martin’s titles include Empower Yourself and Increase Your Personal Productivity. His books are about how to do something different with your life. He provides tools and steps to analyze your mindset and strip away the beliefs you hold that are untrue and limiting your potential. Martin’s content focuses on the truth about being authentic and aligning your goals with your strengths, and most importantly how to take action regardless of your current situation.