Three Self-Assertiveness Strategies to Gain More Power and Influence by Adrean Turner

During my tenure as a corporate employee in the manufacturing division of a Fortune 500 company, I was often the only female in team meetings. I knew that speaking up and communicating ideas effectively were important for my success. I could never become a member of the “good ol’ boys club,” but I could influence their respect for me and their perception of my contributions to organizational goals.

Five Ways to Free Up More of Your Time as a Small Business Owner by Jennifer Janechek

Far too often, small business owners find themselves in a position where they are spending more time working in their business than on it. They aren’t able to expand or develop their organization because they are losing too much time to the day-to-day tasks that should be delegated to other employees. They miss important family experiences because they have not automated their business operations. They feel like they are chained to their organization, unable to enjoy the freedom that should come along with owning your own business. 

Get Into Position and Excel! By Adrean Turner

There are certain aspects of success that involve chance or luck. For instance, someone you know has a personal relationship with a hiring manager of a company that you want to join. They provide a referral, and you are able to bypass the cumbersome online application process and receive an immediate interview. That’s a benefit of chance.