Tips for Organizing Your Freelance Projects by Jennifer Janechek

Successful freelancers often juggle multiple clients and projects simultaneously. Without an effective organizational system, freelancers risk falling behind on work, missing deadlines, and working at less-than-desirable times to compensate for poor planning. Below are some tips inspired by chapter 6 of Rachael Doyle’s Organize Your Business—Organize Your Life (2017) to help you better manage your freelance projects. 

Get Into Position and Excel! By Adrean Turner

There are certain aspects of success that involve chance or luck. For instance, someone you know has a personal relationship with a hiring manager of a company that you want to join. They provide a referral, and you are able to bypass the cumbersome online application process and receive an immediate interview. That’s a benefit of chance. 

Creating a Daily Work Rhythm by Jennifer Janechek

As the mother of a toddler, I have been reading a lot of parenting books lately, and I have been struck by a notion introduced in a few of them—that of the importance of creating a daily rhythm. 

I started to wonder: How might a daily rhythm be beneficial to my adult life—and more specifically, to my adult work life?