Get Excited for the Legacy Film and Companion Book Based on Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, Coming in Early 2018 by Jennifer Janechek

To celebrate the continued influence of Hill’s work on self-starters around the world, a highly acclaimed team of writers and producers has created a full-length feature film that cinematically recreates inspirational stories from Think and Grow Rich, Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, Think and Grow Rich: A Latino Choice, Think and Grow Rich for Women, and Three Feet from Gold. Directed by Scott Cervine, written by Cynthia Whitcomb, and produced by Sean Donovan, Karina R. Donovan, Joel Franco, John Shin, and Marcelo Quintanilla, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy weaves together the stories of early twentieth-century business tycoons and those of today’s most renowned entrepreneurs, cultural icons, and thought leaders, including Sharon Lechter, Bob Proctor, Barbara Corcoran, Warren Moon, and Sandy Gallagher. Sound Wisdom’s own Jim Stovall is featured in the film, where he shares the career guidance and spiritual insight that fill the pages of his Wisdom for Winners series. Sanctioned by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, the docudrama demonstrates how Hill’s thirteen key success secrets are more relevant today than ever before.

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Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy debuted on October 14, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, at the Regal L.A. LIVE to a sold-out crowd. The premiere featured a panel discussion with some of the greatest prosperity teachers in the world. An official sponsor of the event, Sound Wisdom, will be publishing a companion book to the film, written by James Whittaker, in early 2018. Sound Wisdom publisher David Wildasin said of the experience, “I was honored and humbled to be chosen to be associated with the project and to be invited to attend the event.”

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In addition, the highly anticipated Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy live event is scheduled to occur in Atlanta, Georgia, in March 2018. Those interested in participating in the event can purchase a pass either to attend in person or to view the event live or on demand from anywhere in the world via a Simulcast broadcast. Confirmed presenters at this on-stage event include Don Green, CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation; Bob Proctor; Joel Brown; Sharon Lechter, Gerard Adams; Dr. Dennis Kimbro; Sandy Gallagher; Preston Smiles; and Janine Shepherd. Footage captured from the live event will be used to produce a companion film to Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy.

Wisdom for This Year: Lessons We Keep Learning Over and Over by Shawn Doyle

A while back, I had oral surgery in order to remove an impacted wisdom tooth. My family dentist said the tooth needed to come out, and after reviewing my X-rays the oral surgeon also agreed that the tooth needed to come out. So off I went one early Friday morning to have dental surgery. I was asleep during my surgery and woke up feeling pretty good, and Friday night I slept fairly well. On Saturday I had a tiny bit of pain but felt well enough to go to the mall to do some shopping. All of that changed on Sunday night when the pain was so bad I was waking up all night long. By Monday I was miserable, popping painkillers every four hours and feeling extreme pain and fatigue. I was hurting. My day was a blur of prescriptions and ice packs and naps—when I was able to sleep. This pattern continued on for an entire week. I expected to recover in one or two days, but instead it took me eight days to fully recover. I was told by medical professionals that I was recovering slower because I was an “older patient” (I was 55 at the time) and because my surgery was “more involved” because I had a tooth that was impacted and laying sideways under the gum line. During my eight “lost” days I was not able to work, drive myself around, or really even think very clearly at all in my Percocet haze. Don’t get me wrong—I know that there are many people fighting long-term chronic diseases, and I was sick for only a measly eight days. I know that is nothing. It was, however, the most painful experience of my life in terms of the length and severity of pain.