Using practical terms and an easy-to-follow presentation, Bill Matthews shows you how to systematize your business using five key principles: planning, people, processes, performetrics, and passion.


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Are you a small business owner or manager who feels like you’re married to your company, sacrificing family time to ensure that your business runs smoothly? Do you feel like you’re spending more of your time working for your business than on it? Are you looking for ways to enhance recruitment and retention, increase employee morale, improve cash flow, and bring a sense of ease and clarity to the day-to-day operations of your organization—all while reducing your own stress? Or, are you a business consultant looking for a comprehensive yet easy-to-implement program that you can use to revolutionize your clients’ businesses? Then the WOW! Business Advisory course is for you.

Created for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and business consultants, the WOW! Business Advisory course will help you take your organization to WOW! success by providing detailed instruction in the Five P System of Professional Management. This program will enable you to systematize your business, turning it into a well-oiled machine that will run efficiently and effectively with or without you. Due to the popularity and success of this professional management system, Sandler Training, the world’s largest management and sales training company, is offering these same principles through hundreds of offices and in more than 30 countries around the world. And now this world-renowned advisory system is available to you in an affordable online course format.

This course will show you how to:

  • Create, refine, and communicate your organizational vision, mission, beliefs, and values
  • Build and maintain your organizational structure
  • Refine operations and action plans
  • Recruit, hire, and retain first-class talent
  • Better allocate resources for employee development
  • Empower your employees and enhance accountability
  • Improve the functioning of your business
  • Grow your business and increase cash flow
  • Free up more of your time

Included in this course are the following:

  • A proprietary business assessment tool to help business owners monitor progress as they implement the Five P System
  • A workbook and leader’s guide with PowerPoint slides that can be used with or without the book Five P’s to a “WOW!” Business
  • Videos that provide detailed instruction in the Five P System
  • Tools, exercises, forms, and examples to help you take your business along the racetrack to WOW! success
  • Surveys that will keep you in tune with the internal and external climate of your business
  • And much more!

This comprehensive business solution is available for a fraction of the cost of many programs that are focused on only one of these topics. You can progress at your own pace and download the printable resources to use on your own timeline. In addition, because it includes instructional videos, exercises, forms, examples, and an assessment tool to measure your progress, this course is like having your own virtual business consultant.


This video, part of the introductory module in the WOW! Business Advisory course, provides an overview of the WOW! Five P System of Professional Management, an easy-to-implement, comprehensive plan for systematizing your business.


What Others Are Saying About the Five P System


“My favorite thing about WOW is the periodic check-ins using the WOW! Business Assessment Survey. It provides you a score, which is such a quick and effective way to look at the health of your business. For us, because we saw double-digit growth the last time we used the program, I have full confidence we will be able to hit our financial goals and accomplish our strategic goals this time around.”

—Patricia Kukulka, President, Sloan Gear International

Watch Patricia’s full testimonial here.


“Once we got our focus back on the racetrack and our plan, it really brought a sense of ease to our company and clarity to where we wanted to go.”

—Joe Chiellini, President/CEO, Ameriscape Services

Watch Joe’s full testimonial here.


“The WOW! program presented us with an easy-to-use, step-by-step model to walk us through virtually every element of our business and to work on our strategic issues. We were amazed at how our assessment score improved after we implemented the program.”

—Michael Bridges, President, Peerless Technologies Corporation

Watch Michael’s full testimonial here.


“Through the years, I’ve heard so many times that I should be working ON the business and less IN the business. The ‘WOW!’ Five P toolkit was essential in helping me work through the process to achieve that objective. In particular, I found the exercise of completing the Business Assessment Survey and the Personal Vision to be critical early milestones in my development as a leader. The clarity these provided helped reduce the chaos in my world.”

—Tim Riazzi, Microtek Laboratories and American Thermal Instruments


“As a small business owner, one of the things I love is following a process that makes our business better! The ‘WOW!’ Five P toolkit is just that—a full suite of tools that is easy to utilize and a process that assures our positive evolution and growth in the future!”

—Jamie Schade, Senior Vice President, The Schade Group of Merrill Lynch


“I brought our leadership team together and began to meet once a week on Wednesday mornings for one hour. We call this ‘WOW!’ time. After we completed the book the first time, we then restarted the process, meeting weekly and following the 23-step ‘WOW!’ cycle. It’s exactly what we needed. I’m thrilled that it has re-energized the organization, and I’m confident we’ll continue to improve in all areas of our business.”

—Bob Rhein, President & CEO, Penn-Air Hydraulics, Konstance Pneumatics, and Prime Force


“During our most recent quarter, our Maric Management companies achieved 40% growth over the previous year. The ‘WOW!’ process is critical in keeping our growth under control. Using regularly scheduled ‘WOW!’ sessions, we bookmark where we are on the ‘WOW!’ Racetrack, start the next meeting at that point, and provide semi-annual ‘WOW!’ updates to our owner, employees, and advisors.”

—Eric Graham, Owner, Maric Management


Five P’s to a “WOW!” Business provides expert guidance for entrepreneurs that’s common-sense, insightful, and achievable. The book is like having a high-level advisor ‘on-call’ all the time.”

—Greg Ubert, Founder and President, Crimson Cup Coffee and Tea


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