Your Next Chapter – Re-Writing Your Life Success Story

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Upcoming Release for October 8th, 2013: Your Next Chapter, Re-Writing Your Life Success Story by Evelyn Watkins is a personal development resource which provides its readers with a comprehensive guide to pick up the broken pieces of their life and start anew. Whether working through a failed relationship, job loss or bankruptcy, this practical resource offers step by step instructions to assure the readers success. This book is written by a personal life coach and as such, coaches the reader through their reinvention. Beginning with an assessment of the reader’s crisis, then analyzing the reader’s present value and subsequently developing a strategy that will guarantee the readers success again and again.

The chapters are brief summations of more sophisticated strategic lessons readers can easily digest and execute. Building on small accomplishments, by the books end, the reader will have undoubtedly achieved dormant goals or surrendered milestones.

Author: Evelyn Watkins

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