Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks


Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks

Willie Jolley


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Make your misfortunes the start of your fortune.

Many are feeling the pain of these financially trying times. But only a few are making something positive from their setbacks. Want to be one of the few? If so, look no further than America’s “Comeback Guru,” Willie Jolley, and his new book, Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks, for how to turn today’s lemons into tomorrow’s lemonade.

Coached in Jolley’s signature style, the book exudes enthusiasm and offers time-tested solutions on not only how to survive, but thrive, and take your professional growth to a new order of magnitude. Jolley helps you see an economic setback for what it is: a transition period and helps you get through a depression or recession …and go on to get rich. This book provides a seven-step plan that’s easy to follow and implement.

Jolley has been named one of the Five Outstanding Speakers in the World by Toastmasters, an honor shared previously by Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Colin Powell, and only a few others. With tested wisdom from one of the all-time great motivators, Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks brings a message that will inspire us all to emerge on the other side greater than we began.