Just Blow It Up

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Just Blow It Up; Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life will provide the reader with:

    • A dependable, repeatable process for eliminating barriers
    • Authentic life-expanding tools while demolishing clichés
    • How to recognize the symptoms, causes, and types of brick walls
    • How to pursue a life where “nothing is impossible
    • Ways to refuse the bricks life offers and reclaim their power

Just Blow It Up gives a step-by-step process for challenging those barriers, weakening those walls, and finally applying the “real dynamite” and powering right on through.

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Just Blow It Up

Author: Dixie Gillaspie

Dixie Gillaspie has been called a muse, an alchemist, and a blast through artist, but most people who know her just call her “Dynamite.” In her words, she has been a coach, business consultant and analyst, a change agent, and a general trouble-shooter to entrepreneurs and business leaders for more years than she is willing to admit. In that time, she has developed a reputation for always bringing energy, information, insight and enthusiasm to every situation.

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